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Applet Object Type

Because applet objects are part of the user interface, they are not accessible when using the Siebel object interfaces through the Siebel COM Data Server, Siebel COM Data Control, Siebel Web Client Automation Server, Siebel Mobile Web Client Automation Server, or Siebel Java Data Bean.

An applet object represents an applet that is rendered by the Siebel Web Engine. It exists only as a scriptable object, and is accessed by using the Edit Server Scripts or Edit Browser Scripts command on the selected applet. Applet objects are accessible through Siebel VB and Siebel eScript in Server Scripts, and through Browser JavaScript in Browser Scripts. Some Applet Events, such as WebApplet_ShowControl and WebApplet_ShowListColumn, do not execute if the client is running in high interactivity mode.

To add a Browser or Server script to an applet in Siebel Tools

  1. In the Explorer window, choose the Applet object type.
  2. In the right pane, locate the object to which you want to add a script.
  3. Make sure that the project containing the applet is locked.
  4. Right-click the item and select Edit Server Scripts or Edit Browser Scripts.
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