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User Interface Control Object Type

A user interface control object, or a control, is a visual object with which the user can directly interact, such as a button or text box. Control objects have properties that can be accessed by Siebel Browser Script. Because control objects are part of the user interface, they are not accessible through the Siebel COM Data Server, Siebel COM Data Control, Mobile Web Client Automation Server, Web Client Automation Server, or Siebel Java Data Bean.

Controls are the visible building blocks of applets. Each control is unique and exists only in a single applet. Only controls on the active (currently visible) applet are available to Siebel Browser Script. Each control has a unique name within its containing applet, but control names need not be unique across applets.

The control object supports getting and setting values and customized behavior when used in conjunction with Siebel Browser Script.

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