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Siebel Object Interface Methods

Several groups of methods are available to Siebel object interface programmers. They are organized according to functional capabilities.

  • Locating objects. These are methods that allow the user to locate instances of objects so that they can be manipulated by other methods.
  • Accessing business components. These are methods that provide the ability to access and modify data within Siebel applications.
  • Navigation. These are methods that provide a way to control the flow of the application as it is presented to the user by explicitly setting the focus of the application to the desired view, applet, or control. These methods are useful only when accessing the Siebel object interfaces from Siebel VB and when accessing Siebel as a Mobile Web Client Automation Server. When Siebel is accessed through the COM Data Control, COM Data Server, or Java Data Bean, no Siebel user interface is present.
  • Manipulating controls. These are the methods that get or set the value of a control. These methods are useful only when accessing controls from Browser Script.
  • Global state properties and functions. These are methods that get information on the current state.
  • User interaction. These are methods that provide user interface elements similar to those in standard Windows programs.
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