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Event Method Syntax

The method's syntax uses the following form:

  • ObjectReference_EventName (arguments) As RetValue.
  • ObjectReference is the variable name of the object on which the event is invoked.
  • EventName is the event that is being invoked.

The events exposed can be classified into preoperation events or postoperation events. The preoperation events occur before the standard Siebel operation. An example of a preoperation event is PreDeleteRecord. This event occurs before a DeleteRecord event occurs.

The corresponding postoperation event is DeleteRecord. This event is fired after the PreDeleteRecord operation has been executed.

You can use preoperation events to alter standard Siebel behavior. For example, the PreDeleteRecord event can be used to perform additional, customer-specific validation on the record about to be deleted, and if the validations fail, the DeleteRecord operation can be canceled.

Postoperation events are useful when the event relies on data that may have been updated in the course of executing the standard Siebel event.

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