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Siebel Java Interfaces

The Siebel Java Data Bean allows external applications to access Siebel objects without having to display the Siebel user interface. These objects are made available through the Siebel Java Data Bean, which can be used by an external application, component, or Java applet. The Java Data Bean provides functional access to the Siebel applications for both reading and writing data. The set of interfaces exposed through this interface is similar to that exposed by the Siebel COM Data Control.

Any external application that uses the Siebel Java Data Bean connects and communicates with a Siebel Application Object Manager. The Siebel Application Object Manager, which could be running on a remote Siebel Server, is a multithreaded, multiprocess application server that hosts Siebel objects and supports session-based connections by clients. The Siebel Application Object Manager specified in the connect string must be running on the specified Siebel Server.

Using the Siebel Java Data Bean with Multiple Threads

Multiple threads of a single process should not access a common instance of the Java Data Bean. If a process with multiple threads wants to use the Data Bean, each thread must create its own instance of it.

For the same reasons, you should not reuse instances of any other objects exposed by the Java Data Bean (SiebelBusObject, SiebelBusComp, SiebelService, and SiebelPropertySet) across multiple threads of the same process.

CAUTION:  You should create one instance of the Siebel Java Data Bean for each thread that wishes to use it. Data Bean Objects obtained by one thread should not be shared among multiple threads.

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