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Adding New Business Rules to a Business Component

The following procedure describes the steps required to add new business rules to a business component.

To add business rules to a business component

  1. Start Siebel Tools.
  2. Choose Repository > Check Out to lock the project from the server repository.
  3. Select the business component using the Object Explorer and Object List Editor.
  4. Right-click to bring up the menu, and choose Browser or Server script.
  5. Select the event from the Event List Tree applet and add your server scripts in the Script Editor.
  6. Validate the Siebel script syntax by choosing Debug > Check Syntax.

    NOTE:  The Check Syntax menu item is available for server script only.

  7. Choose File > Save to save the changes.
  8. Compile the modified business component by pressing F7.
  9. Press F5 to run the modified application.
  10. Choose Repository > Check In to check the modified project into the server repository.
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