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Defines the browser script used by an Applet object type.

Define Applet Browser scripts by right-clicking on the applet and selecting Edit Browser Scripts.

For more information, read Siebel Object Interfaces Reference.

Valid Values/Examples

Browser Group (O)

Not currently used.


Name (S)

Unique name for the script record. This is generated by Siebel Tools by combining the User Agent and Procedure properties. The user should not set this property.

Example: Applet_ChangeRecord_All.

Procedure (O)

Refers to the name of the applet that is used in upgrading the current applet during the next application upgrade (repository merge). In the majority of cases, the "ancestor" applet as specified by this property is the one from which the new applet is being replicated.


Script (O)

Text for the function.


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