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Specifies one of the static characteristics of a chart, including title, legend, labels, chart body, and axes.


The following table shows which properties apply to which chart elements.

Chart Element
Applicable Properties

Axis Label

Axis Id, Color, Coordinates, Display Format, Divisions, Font Effect, Font Name, Font Size, Font Style, List Of Values, Log Base, Show Category Legend, Sort Specification, Vertical

Axis Line Grid

Axis Id, Color, Line Style, Line Width

NOTE:  The AxisLineGrid element for XAxis is not configurable.

Axis Title

Axis Id, Color, Font Effects, Font Name, Font Size, Font Style, Text


Color, Coordinates, Graphic Type, Line Style, Line Width, Text


Color, Font Effect, Font Name, Font Size, Font Style

NOTE:  Font Name and Font Size properties are not configurable.



NOTE:  Plot element is not supported in Release 7.x.


Color, Font Effect, Font Name, Font Size, Font Style, Text

The following table lists the Chart Element properties.

Valid Values/Examples

Axis Id (O)

The axis to which subsequent axis elements apply.

Applies to the AxisLabel, AxisLineGrid, and AxisTitle elements.

Valid values are XAxis, YAxis, Y2Axis, and ZAxis.

Color (O)

For elements containing text, sets the text color. For the Plot element, the chart element, and the HorizArea graphic, sets the fill color. For the Axis Line Grid element and the Line, Rectangle, Ellipse, and HorizLine graphics, sets the line color.

Applies to all elements.

Valid values are a space-separated red, green, blue triplet with each value in the range 0-255.

Coordinates (O)

Specifies coordinates for AxisLabel and Graphic elements.

Rectangle, Ellipse, and Line apply only to scatter charts, whereas HorizLine and HorizArea apply to all charts. For histogram charts, coordinates are required for the axes that are being "bucketized" (the Divisions property is also required for histogram charts).

Applies to the Graphic and AxisLabel elements. Required for Graphics, for x-axis labels in scatter charts, and for x-axis and z-axis labels in histogram charts.

For AxisLabel, specifies the minimum and maximum values for the axis (Axis Id); two numbers are required (min max).

For Rectangle and Ellipse, four numbers are required (left bottom top right).

For Line, four numbers are required (x1 y1 x2 y2).

For HorizArea, two numbers are required (minYaxisValue maxYaxisValue).

For HorizLine, one number is required (YaxisValue).


AxisLabel: 0 1000000
(range between 0 and 1 million)

(horizontal line drawn at y = 40000)

HorizArea:20 50
(horizontal area drawn between y = 20 and y = 50)

Rectangle, Ellipse, or Line: 60 1000 80 3000
(coordinates of graphic)

Display Format (O)

Formats labels on the specified axis (Axis Id). When this property is specified, the axis labels are passed through the formatting string before they are displayed in the chart. Otherwise, the default formatting for the business component Category, Series, or Data Point Field is used for the x-, z-, or y-axis.

Applies to the AxisLabel element.

Valid values include any formatting string that Display Format accepts; for example, 0.##%.

Divisions (O)

Sets the number of divisions in the specified axis (Axis Id) for axis labels (AxisLabel element). For example, if the Divisions value is 4, five labels are drawn on the axis.

This property always applies to the y-axis. For scatter charts, it also applies to the x-axis. For other charts, this property applies to the x-axis or z-axis (where the field values are numbers), in which case the data is "bucketed" into a histogram chart. (The Coordinates property must also be set for histogram charts.) The axis of interest must show numeric data. Otherwise, labels display and there is no bucketing.

Applies to the AxisLabel element. Required only for x-axis and z-axis in histogram charts.

Valid values include numbers greater than 0. If no value is specified, the number of divisions is calculated automatically.

Font Effect (O)(H)

Identifies the effect to use in drawing the element's text.

Applies to the AxisLabel, AxisTitle, Legend, and Title elements.

Valid values are Regular, Underline, StrikeThrough, and StrikeThroughUnderline.

Font Name (O)

Specifies the name of the font to use for the element's text.

Applies to the Axis Label, Axis Title, and Title elements.


Font Size (O)

Specifies the font size to use for the element's text. This font size applies when the chart is minimized and the screen resolution is 1024 by 768 or higher. When the chart is maximized, Siebel applications use a larger font. When the screen resolution is lower, Siebel applications use a smaller font.

Applies to the Axis Label, Axis Title, and Title elements.


Font Style (O)(H)

Specifies the font style to use for the element's text.

Applies to the AxisLabel, AxisTitle, Legend, and Title elements.

Valid values include Regular, Bold, Italic, Outline, BoldItalic, BoldOutline, ItalicOutline, and BoldItalicOutline.

Graphic Type (O)

Specifies the type of Graphic element to draw. The geometry of the given graphic is specified in the Coordinates property.

The Graphic Type property must be set when the chart element has the type Graphic.

Applies to the Graphic element.

Valid values include Ellipse, HorizArea, HorizLine, Line, and Rectangle. Ellipse, Line, and Rectangle apply only to scatter charts (2dScatter or 3dScatter). HorizArea and HorizLine apply to all charts.

Line Style (O)

Specifies the line style for a Graphic or AxisLineGrid element. This property applies only when the Line Width property is set to 0 (or left empty).

Applies to the AxisLineGrid and Graphic elements.

Valid values are Solid, Dash, Dot, DashDot, and DashDotDot.

Line Width (O)

Specifies the line thickness for an AxisLineGrid or Graphic element.

Applies to the AxisLineGrid and Graphic elements.

Any positive number is a valid value. The default is 0, a thin line.

List Of Values (O)

Describes the list of possible values for the specified x-axis, y-axis, or z-axis (Axis Id). Setting this property, which applies to the AxisLabel element, enables the user to specify values that are not represented (such as 0 or an empty value).

If this property is applied to the y-axis, then the string values are shown on the y-axis instead of numeric values.

Applies to the AxisLabel element.

By default, only the corresponding field values found in the current business component are used for a given axis.

A valid value for this property is in the following format:

Business Component,Field Name,Search Spec,Sort Spec.

This comma-separated list includes a business component that is part of the current business object, a field from which to obtain the values, a specification of the search (Search Spec) to be performed on the business component, and a specification of the sort (Sort Spec) to be applied to the business component. For example:

List Of Values,Value,
Type = LEAD_QUALITY,Order By


Sales Cycle Def,Sales Cycle Stage,Sales Stage Order.

Log Base (O)

Sets an axis to be logarithmic instead of linear.

Applies to the AxisLabel element.

Possible values include any positive number. For example, if the value of LogBase is 10, the axis shows 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000, and so on; if the value is 2, the axis shows 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and so on.

Name (R)

The name that is unique within the chart.


Show Category Legend (O)

Specifies whether to show a legend window for the given axis (Axis Id). This property applies to the AxisLabel element, for only the x-axis and z-axis.

If the x-axis labels are long or if there are many labels, the labels might overlap.

Applies to the AxisLabel element.

Value is TRUE or FALSE. If TRUE, always shows the entire x-axis group label along the x-axis.

By default, whenever there is more than one group on the x-axis, an x-axis legend window is shown, and only the first three letters of each x-axis group are shown along the x-axis.

Sort Specification (O)

Specifies the sorting operation to be performed on the given axis (Axis Id). A field name appended to one of these values specifies sorting based on a column other than the Category or Series.

This property applies to the AxisLabel element, for the x-, y-, or z-axes. It does nothing when the List Of Values property is set. Behavior of the x-axis and z-axis is as described in the previous paragraph. Behavior of the y-axis is to sort the x-axis labels based on y-axis numeric values. If there is a Sort Specification value for the y-axis, there cannot be one in the x-axis.

Valid values are Ascending, Descending, and None.


Ascending,Sales Stage Order

specifies a sort based on Sales Stage Order instead of Sales Stage.

Text (O)

Specifies the text to display for the element.

Applies to the AxisTitle, Legend, and Title elements. It also applies to the HorizLine Graphic element.


Type (O)

Identifies the type of chart element.

Applies to all elements.

Valid values are AxisLabel, AxisLineGrid, AxisTitle, Graphic, Legend, Plot, Title, Font, Color, Size, and Fill Color.

Vertical (O)

Specifies whether labels are displayed vertically when shown on the x-axis. Applies to the AxisLabel element.

Not all fonts can be displayed vertically; experiment with your selected font to verify if it can be used.

If the x-axis has fewer than five labels, the labels are displayed horizontally regardless of the value of this property.

Long labels display vertically, and this causes the chart to be moved upward. Space is especially limited in low-resolution mode.

The vertical property does not apply to a Period chart. Period charts are formatted and displayed in different manner.

Value is TRUE or FALSE. If TRUE, displays the labels vertically.

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