Siebel Cross-Industry PRM allows you to work with partners as efficiently as you work with employees of your own company.

  • To set up Siebel PRM, you, as a brand owner, go through the process of enrolling partner companies. The brand owner can add these companies' employees or can assign this task to a delegated administrator at each company.
  • Then, the brand owner can share business information with partner employees as you do with your own employees.
    • The brand owner's employees work with this information using Siebel Partner Manager, which lets them manage this information in the same way they do using their Siebel application.
    • Partner employees view and work with this information using Siebel Partner Portal.
  • The brand owner can also use Siebel Partner Manager to:
    • Send alerts, information about special promotions, and Web messages to partners.
    • Work collaboratively with partners to develop plans to meet strategic goals.
    • Analyze partner effectiveness, forecast revenue, and analyze performance.
Siebel Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide Addendum for Industry Applications