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Defining Compensation Planning Cycles

You must create a planning cycle before initiating the compensation planning process. A planning cycle definition determines which period, budget, guidelines, eligibility rules, and compensation types are incorporated into a compensation planning cycle. After a planning cycle has been defined, the associated compensation plans can be created and released to the managers to begin the planning process.

This task is a step in Process of Setting Up Compensation Planning.

To create a planning cycle

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Compensation Planning screen.
  2. From the visibility filters, select Planning Cycles.
  3. In the Planning Cycles list, add a planning cycle, provide a name and description, and complete the remaining fields.

    The following table describes some of the fields.



    This field is automatically populated with the organization associated with the planning cycle based on the budget.


    The budget record associated with the planning.

    Exchange Date

    The currency exchange date used in the planning cycle. This date must be specified when multicurrency planning occurs.


    The compensation plan period. This choice provides the values for the Plan Start and Plan End fields.

    Plan Start

    A read-only field that shows the start date of the compensation plan period, based on the period selection.

    Plan End

    A read-only field that shows the end date of the compensation plan period, based on the period selection.


    This field displays the planning cycle status. The following values indicate status:

    • New. The plan creation process has not been invoked.
    • In Progress. The plan creation process is in progress.
    • Done. The plans have been created, but they have not been released to managers for planning.
    • Locked. The plans have been created and released to managers for planning.
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