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Improving Screen Pop Performance

Screen pop response time as experienced by contact center agents is an important indicator of acceptable performance. A screen pop is the display of a view and, optionally, specific records, in response to a communications event. Such events are typically received from CTI middleware—for example, an incoming call is ringing, or the agent has answered the call.

Screen pop behavior is determined by call-handling logic that applies to a particular call based on data attached to the call. Behavior for individual agents is also affected by user settings in the Communications section of the User Preferences screen.

Screen pop performance is affected by the relative complexity of your communications configuration elements, such as event handlers and event responses, and by scripts or business services that may be invoked. Query specifications, database performance, and network capacity and latency also affect screen pop performance. For related information, see Improving Performance for Communications Configurations.

For more information about Siebel Web Client response time, see Tuning Siebel Web Client for Performance.

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