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About Siebel Communications Server

Siebel Communications Server provides an infrastructure to support several kinds of communications activities for Siebel application users.

For session communications performance tuning information, see Session Communications Infrastructure and subsequent sections.

For Siebel Email Response performance tuning information, see Siebel Email Response Infrastructure and subsequent sections.

  • Session communications. Supports interactive (session) communications for contact center agents who use the multichannel communications toolbar to:
    • Make or receive voice calls using computer telephony integration supported by CTI middleware, such as Siebel CTI Connect or third-party products
    • Receive inbound email messages (for Siebel Email Response)
  • Inbound communications. Supports integrating with third-party email servers and processing inbound email (when using Siebel Email Response) or other inbound work items (when using Siebel Universal Queuing).
  • Outbound communications. Supports integrating to a variety of third-party communications systems, such as email servers or wireless messaging providers, to send outbound communications.
    • Supports agents sending email replies using Siebel Email Response.
    • Supports the Send Email and Send Fax commands for Siebel application users. (Send Page is also available, but uses the Page Manager server component.)
    • Supports users sending outbound communications content (email, fax, or page) using communication requests. Requests can be created and submitted either programmatically or manually through a user interface described in Siebel Communications Server Administration Guide.

      Many Siebel modules invoke business service methods through workflows to send outbound communications.

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