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Tuning Microsoft Windows for Enhanced Siebel Server Performance

This section describes how you can configure settings for your Microsoft Windows operating system to optimize the performance of Siebel applications.

Maximizing Data Throughput

Changing the setting for data throughput from Maximize data throughput for file sharing (default) to Maximize data throughput for network applications may result in the following benefits:

  • Better Symmetrical Multi-Processing (SMP) scalability
  • Improved networking performance
  • Allocation of more physical memory for your Siebel applications

For more information on these settings, refer to Microsoft's documentation.

Turning on the 4GT RAM Tuning Feature

You can expand the per-process address limit from 2 GB to 3 GB. This reduces the amount of physical RAM available to the operating system from 2 GB to 1 GB. The difference (1 GB) is allocated to your applications. This feature is referred to as 4GT RAM Tuning. For information on how to configure this setting, refer to Microsoft's documentation.

NOTE:  Each Siebel process (Application Object Manager) cannot use more than 2 GB of RAM.

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