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About the Application Object Manager

The term Application Object Manager (AOM) refers to any of several Siebel Server components that support users accessing Siebel applications through the Siebel Web Client and a Web server.

A different AOM component is provided for each base application among the Siebel Business Applications or Siebel Industry Applications. For example:

  • Call Center Object Manager (SSCObjMgr_enu) is the AOM for Siebel Call Center in a U.S. English environment.
  • Sales Object Manager (SSEObjMgr_enu) is the AOM for Siebel Sales in a U.S. English environment.
  • eService Object Manager (eServiceObjMgr_enu) is the AOM for Siebel eService in a U.S. English environment.

NOTE:  Separate AOMs are provided for each installed language in which you may run your Siebel applications. For example, Call Center Object Manager for French is SCCObjMgr_fra.

When configured appropriately, AOM components on your Siebel Servers can use memory and CPU resources efficiently, and can communicate efficiently with the Siebel Database, the Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE), and other components in the Siebel Enterprise.

The multiprocess, multithreaded model for AOM components provides scalability to support deployments with a wide range of concurrent Siebel application users.

The overall performance of the AOM contributes significantly to the response time as experienced by your end users.

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