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About Siebel Remote

Siebel Remote allows Mobile Web Clients (typically operating remotely, in disconnected mode on a laptop) to connect to a Siebel Server and exchange updated data and files, a process known as synchronization. Siebel Remote supports mobile computing by allowing field personnel to share current information with members of virtual teams of other mobile and connected users across the organization.

Siebel Remote uses the following components to manage the exchange of data and files:

  • Database Extract (alias DbXtract)
  • Generate New Database (alias GenNewDb)
  • Parallel Database Extract (alias PDbXtract)
  • Synchronization Manager (alias SynchMgr)
  • Transaction Merger (alias TxnMerge)
  • Transaction Processor (alias TxnProc)
  • Transaction Router (alias TxnRoute)

For more information about each of these components, see the Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide.

The section, Tuning Siebel Remote Server Components, discusses how you can configure some of these components to optimize the performance of your Siebel Remote deployment.

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