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About Siebel ARM Data

Running the Siebel ARM post-processing tool produces output files of either extensible markup language (XML) or comma-separated value (CSV) format depending on the type of Siebel ARM file conversion.

For details on converting Siebel ARM files and running the Siebel ARM post-processing tool, see Converting Siebel ARM Files.

Use an XML editor or Web browser to view the XML output files, which result from a number of types of analyses. Values of timing measurements are included among the XML tags.

Use third-party software—for example, a spreadsheet program—to view the output files that result from the conversion of Siebel ARM files to CSV files. Tags and values of timing measurements are included.

Siebel ARM records all timings included in both the XML and CSV output in milliseconds.

For details on analyzing Siebel ARM output specific to each type of data analysis, see the following sections:

For a scenario of analyzing Siebel ARM post-processing tool output, see About Siebel ARM Post-Processing Tool.

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