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Process of Creating Business Rules

See also Displaying the Personalization Business Rules Designer, Personalization Business Rules Designer Contents, and Writing a Business Rule.

Use the following process to build your business rule using the Personalization Business Rules Designer:

  1. Select an element, and then click Add Element.

    NOTE:  Double-clicking an element has the same effect as Add Element. You can also type text in the Expressions box.

    The Rules Designer automatically provides the correct syntax for elements. For example, adding the Left string function displays Left(<string>,<n>) in the Expressions box.

  2. Fill in arguments in the element, and then enclose it in parentheses if necessary.
  3. Add other elements and complete them.
  4. Connect elements using the Quick bar or by typing.
  5. Click Validate to check your expression for errors.

    If part of an expression is highlighted, only the highlighted string is evaluated. Errors are displayed in the Errors box.

  6. Save the business rule and return to the expression field.

    This also validates the entire rule.


    The rule is valid.

    The rule is saved and the Rules Designer is closed.

    The rule has any errors.

    They are displayed and the Rules Designer is not closed.

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