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Hyperlinking Salutation Messages to Applets

Use the command SWEPersonalizationDrillDown ('ViewName','AppletName','FieldName','RowId',{ParentRowIds}); in the hyperlink tag where:

  • ViewName is the name of the view where the drilldown object is defined.
  • AppletName is the name of the applet on which the drilldown object is defined.
  • FieldName is the business component field name on which the drilldown object exists.
  • ParentRowIds is an array of strings that contains the Row IDs of the parent records. This array is optional, and is only used when drilling down in a child applet.

Enclose names in single quotes ('), and represent spaces in the names by plus signs (+).

Command Syntax Example

The following is an example of the command syntax:

<A href=JavaScript:SWEPersonalizationDrillDown('Opportunity+

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