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Setting Up the Test Mode

See also About Test Mode and Using Test Mode to Test Personalization Rules.

The following are the steps involved in testing the personalization setup:

  1. Specify the login and password of the primary user.

    The primary user is the person logged into the application, for example a Siebel Call Center agent or Siebel eSales registered user.

    Click Open to load a saved setup file.

  2. Specify the login of the secondary user, if desired.

    An example of a secondary user is a customer speaking by telephone with the call center agent.

  3. Click Load.

    This loads the persistent user profile attributes of the primary user into the Primary User Attributes list and those of the secondary user into the Secondary User Attributes list.

  4. Edit the persistent user profile attributes for both users.

    All changes made to the persistent user profile attributes are written only to the test setup, not to the Siebel database.

  5. Enter dynamic user profile attributes for both users.
  6. Specify the application to test by filling in the URL for launching the application.
  7. If you want to test the personalization of a specific view, specify the view.
  8. Click Test to get instructions for opening a new instance of the application to test personalization rules.
  9. Test the personalization rules.
  10. Click Save.
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