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Hiding an Applet Based on a Field Value

Hiding an applet is set in the Administration - Runtime Events.

See also Process of Setting Applet Visibility and Setting the Number of Rows Displayed in an Applet.

To hide an applet based on a field value

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Runtime Events screen > Action Sets view.
  2. Create a new record and complete the following fields.
    • Name
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Action check box
  3. Scroll down to the Actions form and create a record.

    Complete the following fields.



    Name for the event. For example, SetProfileAttr.


    An event can trigger multiple action sets. For example, 1.

    Enter numbers in this field to control when the action set associated with this event in this record executes, relative to other action sets associated with this event.


    Select the box. This indicates that the action is triggered.

    Inactive actions are ignored when the event occurs.

    NOTE:  This is a quick way to turn off an action without changing the start and end dates.

    Action Type

    Select Attribute Set from the drop-down menu.

    Set Operator

    Select Set from the drop-down menu.


    Select the <product name>.

    Profile Attribute

    The user profile attribute to set, for example Product Name Profile.

  4. From the Show drop-down list, select Events.
  5. Create a new record and complete the following fields.


    Enter a number for the order in which the action occurs. For example, 1.

    Execution begins with the action with the lowest sequence number. Actions with the same sequence number are executed in random order. Actions occur in sequence until all actions are completed.

    Object Type

    Select Applet from the drop-down list.

    Object Name

    Name of the applet. For example, Contact Asset Mgmt- Asset List Applet.


    Select InvokeMethod from the drop-down list.

    The choices depend on which object type you choose.


    Enter Drilldown as the subevent.

    Action Set Name

    Select an action set to run when the event occurs. For example, SetProductName.

  6. Save the record.
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