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Defining Reporting Relationships for Expense Reporting

The reporting relationships you define for your Siebel application are a part of the infrastructure for approving expense reports. When a user creates an expense report, the value of the Submit To field defaults to the User ID of the person to whom that user reports. If the reporting structure has not been defined, the user cannot save the expense report or use Auto Gen for transferring expense diary entries into the current report.

Reporting relationships apply to both expense reports and time sheets. If you have already defined reporting relationships for time sheets, those definitions fulfill the requirements for expense reports. If you have not yet defined reporting relationships for either time sheets or expense reports, see Defining Reporting Relationships for the correct procedure. This procedure explains how to set the reporting relationship between a subordinate and the supervisor or manager to whom the subordinate reports. This procedure must be followed for every user who is allowed to submit expense reports.

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