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About Project Financials

Tight integration with back-office systems allows you to take project, time, and expense data from the Siebel Professional Services Automation module to create client invoices and track accounts receivable in a billing system of your choice. Client invoice information and payment status can be mapped back to Siebel Professional Services Automation from the billing system so that management can both understand performance against project budgets and identify where help is needed in soliciting payment from clients.

Project Revenue Schedules and Forecasting

Each professional services organization requires various ways of looking at revenue. One level of management may be interested in the margins of their most important projects over time while another organization might focus more heavily on projections or bookings. Across these varied levels of management, organizations might choose to focus on monthly billing, one time revenues, or recurring revenue streams. Revenue schedules were designed with exactly these requirements in mind.

Project managers can associate multiple types of revenue with a project with each revenue schedule item. For example, booked, forecasted, backlogged, and burned.

Just as important as tracking data for individual projects is the ability to analyze it in the aggregate. Revenue analysis allows you to instantly view a graphical representation of the health of a project. With the ad-hoc reporting of the various revenue streams and timing by account, location, or project type, you are better equipped to make more informed and more timely business decisions to help maximize resource usage and profitability.

For more information on forecasting, see Siebel Forecasting Guide.


For professional services organizations, invoicing is an important aspect of their job. After performing services or providing products, invoices must be created for customers. Time and expense are the main factors behind creating invoices, and each invoice can store line items for time and expense logged against a project.

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