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Copying a Report Object Definition

The procedure for creating a new report object definition (and children) in Siebel Tools, described in Creating a New Report Object Definition in Siebel Tools, may prove cumbersome when a new set of object definitions needs to be created that is very similar to an existing one, and the existing one is complex. An alternative is to copy the desired report object definition. This creates a new one with the same property settings, child report field, and subreport object definitions.

To copy an existing report object definition and children

  1. In Siebel Tools, navigate to the Report object type and the report object definition you want to copy.
  2. Lock the Report project (choose Repository > Lock Project).
  3. Choose Edit > Copy Record.

    This creates a new report object definition with the same set of children and duplicated property settings. The exceptions are the Menu Text and Name properties, which you must specify. You should also change the Template Name and Access Base DB name settings, so that the data supply library and executable report have different names from those in the original.

  4. Make alterations as necessary to the new report object definition and children.
  5. Export to a data supply library file by choosing Tools > Generate Actuate Report.
  6. Unlock the Report project.
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