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Moving ROX files to the Reports Server

The ROX files for all custom reports need to be manually moved to the Reports Server.

To move the ROX files to the Reports Server

  1. Log in to Actuate Management Console as Administrator.

    NOTE:  A password is usually not necessary. If one is required, check with your Siebel Application developer for the password selected during the Reports Server installation.

  2. Select Files & Folders.
  3. Select the folder that you want to add an ROX file (for example, the Siebel Reports folder) by placing a check mark in the box to the left of the name of the folder.

    NOTE:  The word Folder will appear in the Type column.

  4. Click Add File.

    The ROX file that you want to add should reside on your local machine from where you are launching Management Console.

  5. Browse to select the ROX file and provide the information requested.
  6. If the file already exists:
    1. Select one of the following:
      • Replace the latest version.
      • Create a new version.
      • Keep only a specified number of versions.

        Type the number of versions that you want to keep of this ROX file.

    2. Select the properties (Description, Permissions, or Auto archive rules) from the latest version of the file that you want applied to this ROX file.
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