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About Global Report Customization

Global layout customization provides a good introduction to Siebel report customization, because it is relatively quick and straightforward and generally involves modifications to a small number of property settings. Typical global modifications are those made to the header or footer, such as putting a different company name or logo in the header. Another global modification might be setting a different default font size and style for all reports.

A change to a library component is a global report modification because it affects all the reports that use that component. You always make global modifications in the sscustom library. For example, if you edit the font property of the ssLbl (label) component in the sscustom library, any part of a report that uses ssLbl will use the new font that you specified. You must recompile each report for the change to affect that report.

The procedures in this chapter demonstrate how to modify the page layout objects in the sscustom library, then recompile one report so that the global layout change is applied in that report. Two example procedures are provided:

  • Changing the font that is used on all the text and label controls throughout the reports
  • Changing the company logo that is used on all the reports

NOTE:  After a global report modification, recompiling reports in batches is possible using the Actuate e.Reporting Designer Professional executable, Erdpro.exe. For more information, see the section on upgrading reports to Actuate 7 in the Upgrading to Actuate iServer System Suite 7 manual in the Actuate folder of the Siebel eBusiness Third-Party Bookshelf.

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