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Changing the Corporate Logo on All Reports

You can change the company logo that is used in all the reports. You change the fileName property of the ssLblSiebel control, as described in the procedures in this section.

To make and test the appropriate changes, you will need to:

  • Open a report design file.
  • Edit the ssLblSiebel component in sscustom.rol.
  • Compile and run the report.
  • Save the changes to sscustom.rol.

To open a Siebel view and the corresponding report design file

  1. Open Siebel Sales.
  2. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Accounts > Accounts > My Accounts.
  3. Open the Actuate e.Report Designer Professional software from the Start menu.
  4. Choose File > Open.
  5. Locate and select aclist.rod in the \Siebdev\RPTSRC\ENU\STANDARD folder.

    If your installation uses a non-English version of Siebel eBusiness Applications, you do not have an \ENU folder. Instead, you have a folder in the appropriate language code for your installation, such as \DEU for Germany.

    See Global Deployment Guide for a list of three-letter International Standards Organization (ISO) language extensions.

    The Design Editor window displays the Account List report design.

To edit the label and text controls in sscustom

  1. Click the Library Browser button.

    The Choose Included Module dialog box appears.

  2. Select sscustom.rol and click OK.

    The Library Browser window for sscustom.rol appears.

  3. From the sscustom.rol - Library Browser window, locate and expand ssPageList and ssPageStyle - ssPage.
  4. Right-click the ssLblSiebel component and select Properties.

    The ssLblSiebel - Component Editor appears.

  5. Replace the filename specified in the fileName property.

    You can use a graphic file with your company's logo to replace the Siebel logo graphic. Recompiled reports will now display your company's logo.

    NOTE:  If there is no logo bitmap for your company, choose any existing bitmap file in the \Siebdev\RPTSRC\LANGUAGE\STANDARD (where LANGUAGE stands for the Language Pack you want to deploy, such as ENU for U.S. English) directory for demonstration purposes. You will need to change the property setting back to sslogo5.jpg and recompile later.

  6. Click Apply and close the ssLblSiebel - Component Editor.
  7. Close the Library Browser window.

To compile and run the report

  1. Click the Run button to compile and run the report.
  2. Click OK in the Requester dialog box to accept the defaults.

    The report is generated and appears in the Actuate e.Report Designer Professional window.

To save the changes to sscustom.rol

  1. Close the report, then close the report design.
  2. Copy the aclist.rox file from the development directory to the executables directory.
  3. In Siebel Sales, click the Reports button and from the drop-down list select Account List.

    The revised Account List report appears in the browser window.

The majority of Siebel reports are produced using a landscape orientation (ssLblSiebel control from ssPage pagestyle). For reports that use a portrait orientation, you use ssLblSiebelP from ssPagePortrait. All other instructions remain the same.

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