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Compiling and Testing the Report

The report is built, compiled, and run in Actuate e.Report Designer Professional. Then it can be debugged locally in Actuate e.Report Designer Professional; when it is ready to be deployed, the executable version of the report is moved to the folder where Siebel applications obtain their report executables.

To compile and install the report

  1. Open Siebel Sales.
  2. From the application-level menu, choose Navigate > Site Map > Opportunities > Opportunities > My Opportunities.

    Make sure that the desired query is active.

  3. In Actuate e.Report Designer Professional, click the Run button.

    The report displays in the browser window.

  4. Make corrections to the report design as necessary and recompile as often as required.
  5. Use Windows Explorer to copy the Grouprpt.rox file from \Siebdev\RPTSRC\enu (or equivalent) to \Siebeldev\REPORTS\ENU (or equivalent).

    If your installation uses a non-English version of Siebel eBusiness Applications, you do not have an \ENU folder. Instead, you have a folder in the appropriate language code for your installation, such as \DEU for Germany.

    See Global Deployment Guide for a list of three-letter International Standards Organization (ISO) language extensions.

  6. In Siebel Sales, click the Reports button and from the drop-down menu select Sales Stage - Test.

    The report should appear in the browser window. If there are problems, check the configuration of the report and view report object definitions in Siebel Tools.

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