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Example: Invoking a Report Business Service Method Using Scripting

Workflow processes can be invoked programatically from a script using Siebel VB or Siebel eScript. By using scripts, workflow processes can be invoked from anywhere in the Siebel application or from external programs.

The following is a Siebel eScript code sample for scheduling the Employee Achievement Report to run at a specified time, one time only, using the ScheduleReport method.

   var svc = TheApplication().GetService("Report Business Service");

   var Inputs = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();

   var Outputs = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();

   var paramArgs = TheApplication().NewPropertySet();

with (Inputs) {

      SetProperty ("reportDefName", "Employee Achievement Report");

      SetProperty ("activeBOName", "Incentive Compensation Employee Position");

      SetProperty ("viewMode", "3");

      SetProperty ("StartDate", "05/01/02");

      SetProperty ("StartTime", "10:00:00 AM");

      SetProperty ("Repeat", "N");

      SetProperty ("Frequency", "");

      SetProperty ("UntilDate", "");

      SetProperty ("Print", "");

      SetProperty ("Printer", "");


Inputs.AddChild (paramArgs);

svc.InvokeMethod ("ScheduleReport", Inputs, Outputs);

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