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About the PageList and Child Components

The page controls are perhaps the most complicated feature in the Siebel report libraries. By default, Siebel reports use the ssPageList control. The pageList control is a container control that holds the list of all the pages. As each page is instantiated, it is added to the list as a persistent object.

The pageList component can add pages in landscape mode, portrait mode, or any custom page layout desired. Siebel reports ship with two basic page styles, the landscape style (ssPage) and the portrait style (ssPagePortrait). Landscape is the default page style.

To switch from landscape style to portrait style

  1. Click the ssPage component, under the ssPageList component, and click Delete.

    This will drop the ssPage component and leave the slot blank.

  2. Drag the ssPagePortrait component from the library and drop it onto the ssPageList component.

    The report will now use a portrait-style page. Make sure that the frames used in the report have portrait dimensions.

To create a different page layout, you subclass from the basePage component. To create a new page from scratch that does not use any of the existing controls, you subclass directly from the AcSimplePageList control.

All the portrait style controls are inherited from the landscape controls. To modify the existing page layout, change the ssPage layout, then determine whether changes to the ssPagePortrait component are required.

All other controls on the ssPage and ssPagePortrait components descend directly from the sssiebel library components. Inheritance of page control components is as follows:

  • basePageList > ssPageList
  • basePage > ssPage > ssPagePortrait
  • baseFlow > ssFlow > ssFlow1 > ssFlowP
  • baseReportHeaderBar > ssReportHeaderBar > ssTitleBarP
  • basePrintBy > ssPrintBy > ssPrintByP
  • baseDateDisplay > ssDateDisplay > ssDateDisplayP
  • basePageNoDisplay > ssPageNoDisplay > ssPageNoDisplay
  • baseRptCreateBy > ssRptCreateBy > ssRptCreateByP
  • baseReportTitle > ssReportTitle > ssReportTitleP
  • baseLblSiebel > ssLblSiebel > ssLblSiebelP
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