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About the Label Controls

The following label components are available in the sscustom library:

  • ssLblB. Bold label control
  • ssLblBI. Bold italic label control
  • ssLblHead. Header label control
  • ssLblHeadBlack. Header label control
  • ssLblQuotation. Quotation label control
  • ssLblSB. Small bold label control
  • ssLblSBI. Small bold italic label control
  • ssLblSectionHead. Section heading label control

The label control displays fixed text strings that you set at design time. To change the text of an individual control, you modify the text property in the component editor window or you modify the control directly by single-clicking the control twice.

The advantage of using multiple types of label controls is that it increases maintainability within the entire report library. For example, to change a font in all the text controls, you simply modify the font.FaceName property in the ssTxt control. To change all the row headings within the reports, you change the desired property in the ssLblHead control.

The controls in the sscustom library have intentionally been made generic and simple. The small bold label control (ssLblB) can be any font size, although the standard reports use a small font size of 8 points.

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