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Master-Detail Reports

This chapter explains how to create master-detail reports. A master-detail report displays a list of detail business component records for each record in a master business component, to which the master and detail business components have a one-to-many relationship. It is similar to a master-detail view in a Siebel application, in that detail records are displayed for each master record. Unlike a master-detail view, a master-detail report lists detail records for all master records at once, rather than for one master record at a time.

A report with record lists for a detail business component is said to contain a subreport. In some ways this term is misleading, because it implies the presence of one list of detail records. In fact, there is one list of detail records (one subreport) following each master record. However, in both Siebel Tools and the report design, a single subreport is specified, with the result that one list of detail records appears for each master.

This chapter consists of the following topics:

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