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Creating a Global List Variable

A global list variable, based on the AcList class in the AFC library, holds the data rows as they are obtained from the input datastreams, for later access by the sort datastream. In the Opportunities by Sales Rep report, this variable is called RowList. You add the global list variable to the top-level component in the report design, namely the report design itself.

To create a global list variable in the report design

  1. Navigate to the Report Design, which is the top-level component, and right-click it. In the pop-up menu, select Properties.
  2. In the Properties window for the Report Design component, click the Variables tab.
  3. Click the New button. The Class Variable dialog box appears.
  4. Enter the following values:
    • In the Name field, enter RowList.
    • In the Class field, select AcList.
    • Leave Externally Defined Data Type unchecked.
    • In the Storage radio button group, click Static.
    • In the Visibility picklist, select Public.
  5. Click OK to save the new variable.

In the Opportunities By Sales Rep example, the RowList variable holds the merged data rows that were created in the GenerateDataStream report section. After each combined data row is built, it is added to the list by calling the AddToTail method on the RowList variable.

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