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Creating Parameterized Reports

Like all Siebel reports, parameterized report objects are first defined in Siebel Tools, and the corresponding ROL file is generated. As a prerequisite to creating a parameterized report, a specialized business component and an applet based on that business component are created. The business component contains fields that correspond to the report parameters. The applet contains the parameters and standard controls (such as Submit and Cancel). The reports created are included in the views that need to display them.

At the next step, the report design (ROD file) is created in Actuate e.Report Designer Professional referencing the parameters created in the ROL file. The report design file is then compiled with the Siebel libraries to create the report executable (ROX file). This report executable is deployed in the appropriate location (on the Siebel Reports Server or Siebel Mobile Web Client or both). When a parameterized report is run, the options on the parameter window allows the user to select or enter the values for the parameters included in the report design. The parameter variables and schedule variables (if any) are included in a report parameter file (ROV file) and submitted to the Reports Server. The report executable obtains these variables from the ROV file at report execution time. If the user runs the report interactively, the report is displayed in a DHTML viewer (in Siebel Web Client or Siebel Dedicated Web Client modes) or Siebel Report Viewer (in Siebel Mobile Web Client mode).

Siebel eBusiness Applications include out-of-the box parameterized reports. As part of customizing these reports, the reports administrator may add or delete the parameters in these reports. The administrator may also create custom parameterized reports. Parameterized reports are created and customized in Siebel Tools and Actuate e.Report Designer Professional as described in the following sections using the creation of the Revenue Analysis Summary report as an example.

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