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Linking to Siebel Data from Microsoft Outlook

Perform the following task to link from Microsoft Outlook records to Siebel records.

To link to Siebel data from Microsoft Outlook

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, select one or more calendar appointments, tasks, or contacts.
  2. From the Siebel Options menu, choose Link Selected Item(s).

    NOTE:  You can also create links using the Siebel toolbar and the right-click menu.

  3. In the Create Siebel Links dialog box, from the Link Type drop-down list, choose a Siebel record type.
  4. Select a record from the list, and then click Add.
  5. When you have defined all of the links, click OK.

    The links appear in Current Siebel Links on the Siebel toolbar and also on the Siebel Options, Quick Links list.

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