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Using Outlook Add-In Links

When you link to Siebel data from Microsoft Outlook, the link is automatically added to the Current Siebel Links drop-down list on the Siebel toolbar. This list displays the Siebel links associated with the currently selected Microsoft Outlook record. Selecting a link from the list lets you access the Siebel record from Microsoft Outlook.

Links you create between Microsoft Outlook and Siebel objects are maintained, and the Microsoft Outlook object continues to be synchronized with the Siebel application, until you remove the link, as described in Removing Links to Siebel Data.

The following procedure describes how to use a link.

To use a link

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, select one or more calendar appointments, tasks, or contacts.
  2. On the Siebel toolbar, choose a link from the Current Siebel Links drop-down list, and then click Go.

    The associated record is displayed in the Siebel application.

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