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About Using SSSE with To Do Records

Siebel to do activities are called tasks in Microsoft Outlook. The SSSE administrator sets To Do synchronization levels to either Full Sync, Export Only, or None. The synchronization level that the administrator sets applies to all users who have synchronization enabled.

The current version of SSSE offers administrators and end users some flexibility about whether or not Exchange task records are synchronized with the Siebel database when the Full Sync option is selected. The following features provide this flexibility:

If the administrator does not implement the Opt-in feature or the Ignore private records feature, once SSSE initiates synchronization for any user, all task record synchronization for that user is automatic. No user action is required, and all of that user's task records are synchronized.

For more information about using SSSE with to do records, see:

The information in these topics assumes that To Do synchronization is set to Full Sync.

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