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Security for Mobile Solutions

Siebel Systems provides a suite of mobile solutions that allow remote access to data within Siebel Business Applications. These solutions support a variety of mobile platforms, including wireless phones, handhelds, and laptop computers (running Siebel Mobile Web Client).

Siebel Systems provides security for customers using these devices to access Siebel Business Applications, and works with alliance partners for other types of mobile devices.

  • For information about security issues for Siebel Wireless applications, see Siebel Wireless Administration Guide.
  • For information about security issues for Siebel Handheld applications, see documentation for particular Siebel products that use the Siebel Handheld client on Siebel Bookshelf.
  • For information about security issues for Siebel Mobile Web Client, which can be installed on mobile devices such as laptop computers, see Configuring Encryption for Mobile Web Client Synchronization and Authentication for Mobile Web Client Synchronization.

    See Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide for additional Mobile Web Client security issues.

Secure Real-Time Wireless Communications

Siebel Wireless provides real-time wireless access to Siebel Business Applications through browser-enabled mobile devices. Siebel Wireless views rendered in XML or HTML are sent through the Siebel-supported Web server to a wireless network and ultimately to the requestor's browser-enabled wireless device.

In this enterprise solution, the Web server and the Siebel Server reside within the firewall of the Siebel customer, thereby protecting data security. Standard protocols are used to secure browser-based data transmissions across the wireless network.

Multiple methods of securing the data are available, including the Wireless Transport Security Layer, the equivalent of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for wireless devices and third-party products.

Mobile Device User Authentication

Mobile devices themselves must be secure. If a wireless or handheld device falls into the wrong hands, organizations need assurance that sensitive data will not be compromised. Siebel Business Applications are fully compatible with the embedded security within these devices, as authentication is generally a device-level decision, rather than an application-specific one.

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