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Security Adapter SDK

Siebel Systems offers the Siebel Security Adapter Software Developers Kit (SDK) to allow companies to build additional security adapters. Such additional adapters can support other authentication technologies such as digital certificates, biometrics, or smart cards.

For example, a security adapter may be created for a device such as the RSA Secure ID token—a portable device that provides users with a key that changes after one minute. When a security adapter for this device is deployed, only by supplying both the currently displayed key and the user's password or other credentials can the user gain access to the Siebel application.

The security adapter interface is critical to the Siebel architecture because, for most Siebel Systems customers, authentication has become an enterprise decision, rather than an application-specific decision. The authentication service can be a shared resource within the Enterprise, thereby centralizing user administration.

Starting in Version 7.7, the underlying SDK is based on an IBM SDK (rather than a Netscape SDK).

The Siebel Security Adapter SDK is described in Technical Note 415: Siebel Security Adapter Software Developers Kit for Siebel Versions 7.5 and 7.7. You can access this technical note on Siebel SupportWeb.

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