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Planning for Access Control

Two main strategies are available for controlling access to data in Siebel Business Applications:

  • Multiple-organization access control. This strategy limits data access to only those organizations that have a need to see the information. Organizational access control can be implemented across internal or external organizations. This strategy can be applied to transaction data, master data, and other referential data.

    For more information, see About Organization Access Control, the sections following this one, and Implementing Access Control.

  • Access-group access to catalogued data. This strategy can be implemented with all party types. It is designed to reduce access control administration by associating hierarchical groups of users with similarly organized data. This strategy can be applied to master data only.

    For more information, see About Access-Group Access Control and Implementing Access-Group Access Control.

For analysis and recommendations for choosing and implementing access control strategies, see Access Control Upgrade and Migration Guide for Siebel 7, available on Siebel SupportWeb.

CAUTION:  Configuring changes in access control for Siebel Business Applications may be a very complex task. Such changes may have significant implications for the entire application and may involve significant risks. For these reasons, it is recommended that customers work with their Siebel Technical Account Manager or contact Siebel Professional Services for a design review prior to undertaking any major modifications to access control in their Siebel application. For information on how to contact Siebel Technical Account Management, go to Siebel SupportWeb.

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