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Business Component View Modes

A business component's view modes determine the allowable access control mechanisms that can be applied to the business component in any view. When a view is based on a particular business component, the view must use one of the view modes specified for the business component. For example, the Account business component can only be used in Organization view mode or Sales Rep view mode.

Each view mode also determines how data is associated with a user to determine whether the user gets access. For example, a business component that allows personal access control may connect the data to the person by comparing the data's Owner Id field to the person's user ID. Another business component may apply personal access control through the data's Created by field.

You use Siebel Tools to work with properties of business components.

NOTE:  If a business component has no listed view modes, then there is no access control based on the business component in views that are based on that business component.

To view a business component's view mode and visibility fields

  1. Launch Siebel Tools.
  2. In the Object Explorer, click + (the plus sign) to expand the Business Component object type.

    The Business Component subtree appears, as shown below.

    Click for full size image
  3. Click the BusComp View Mode icon.

    The Business Components list and its BusComp View Modes detail list appear, as shown below.

    Click for full size image
  4. In the Business Components list, select a business component for which there are records in the BusComp View Modes list.

    A record in the BusComp View Modes list represents one view mode the business component can assume.

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