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Administering Catalogs of Data

You can do the following catalog and category administration tasks in the Administration - Catalog screen:

  • Create and delete catalogs and categories of master data.
  • Associate data with categories.
  • Modify the hierarchical position of a category within a catalog.

Key principles for setting up a catalog include, but are not limited to:

  • Set the Catalog Type field to allow display of the catalog in certain Siebel customer or partner applications, in addition to Info Center and Info Center Explorer in Siebel employee applications. For example, set the Catalog Type to Partner to display the catalog in Siebel Partner Portal, as well as in Info Center.
  • Make sure the Active flag is set and the Effective Start Date and Effective End Date fields provide visibility of the catalog during your intended time interval.

For information about creating and administering catalogs, see Siebel eSales Administration Guide and Siebel Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide.

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