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Managing Tab Layouts Through Responsibilities

Siebel Business Applications administrators can manage default screen and view tab layouts that are specific to job functions. Tab layouts are managed through responsibilities.

Administrators can use the Responsibilities view (Responsibility Detail - Tab Layout View) in the Administration - Application screen to define a default tab layout for each responsibility. Administrators can administer both view access and default tab layout from this view.

To ease the administrative burden of setting up default tab layouts and associating them with responsibilities, Siebel Business Applications ship with many predefined responsibilities that are preconfigured with default tab layouts.

For example, the Universal Agent responsibility for Siebel Call Center has associated with it both screen and view access as well as a default tab layout. These are the views required most often for users holding that job function. Each time a user with this responsibility logs in, this user has access to all screens and views for that responsibility, and for all other responsibilities the user is associated with.

However, the user sees in the application user interface only the simplified default screen and view tab layout associated with the user's primary responsibility—for example, the layout associated with the Universal Agent responsibility, if this is the user's primary responsibility.

Each user can modify personal tab layout settings by using the Tab Layout view in the User Preferences screen (Tools > User Preferences). Once the user has modified the tab layout, these settings will always override the default tab layout associated with the user's primary responsibility. For more information, see Fundamentals.

If a user selects a screen from the Site Map that is not part of their tab layout, a screen tab is created for that screen which will only be available for that session.

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