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Changing Default Passwords

The Siebel Database Server installation script and the seed data provided with Siebel Business Applications create several default accounts on your site. These accounts are used to manage and maintain your Siebel network. To safeguard the security of your site, make sure you change the default passwords for these accounts.

NOTE:  For information about changing the local DBA password on Mobile Web Clients, see Siebel Remote and Replication Manager Administration Guide.

The sections that follow include procedures for changing account passwords. Before you change default passwords, review the following points:

  • For end users, the availability of the Password and Verify Password fields in the Siebel application (User Preferences screen, User Profile view) depends on several factors:
    • For an environment using LDAP or ADSI authentication, the underlying security mechanism must allow this functionality. See also Requirements for LDAP/ADS Directory.

      In addition, the Propagate Change parameter (alias PropagateChange) must be TRUE for the LDAP or ADSI security adapter (default is TRUE). For Siebel Developer Web Client, the system preference SecThickClientExtAuthent must also be TRUE. For more information, see Security Adapter Authentication.

    • For an environment using database authentication, the Propagate Change parameter (alias DBSecAdpt_PropagateChange) must be TRUE for the database security adapter. The default is TRUE for the parameter defined in the Name Server, FALSE for the same parameter defined in application configuration files for the Developer Web Client. For more information, see Security Adapter Authentication.
  • The procedures in this section describe changing parameters at the Enterprise level that specify passwords. If you set and change passwords at this level, the changes are inherited at the component level.

    However, if you set a password parameter at the component level, from that point forward, this password can be changed only for this component. Changing it at the Enterprise level will not cause the new password to be inherited at the component level, unless the override is deleted at the component level.

    For more information, see Siebel System Administration Guide.

  • If you are using a third-party load balancer for Siebel Server load balancing, make sure load-balancer administration passwords are set. Also make sure that the administrative user interfaces for your load-balancer products are securely protected.
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