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Access Control Mechanisms

The following note affects access control to Opportunities in any view that uses personal, position, or organization access control.

NOTE:  If an opportunity's Secure field is checked, then only positions on the sales team have visibility of the opportunity in any view that applies person, position, or organization access control. For example, in the All Opportunities view, users on the sales team can see a secure opportunity, but other users in the same organization cannot. In the My Team's Opportunities view, a manager cannot see a secure opportunity on which a direct report is a primary unless the manager is also on the sales team. Any activities or events related to a secure opportunity are also hidden from any user who is not on the sales team.

Secure opportunity access control is provided by the following search specification on the Opportunity business component:

[Secure Flag] = 'N' OR EXISTS([Sales Rep Id] = LoginId())

Access-Group Access Control

Households can also be used in combination with other party types to form an access group. In all access control contexts, households should be included in lists of the party types that can be members of access groups.

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