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User self-registration is default functionality for the Siebel Financial Services applications listed below.

NOTE:  Although self-registration is provided as default functionality for some Siebel Financial Services applications, it is not common in the industry for users to self-register for financial services. More commonly, internal administrators register users by using the Siebel Financial Services application.

  • Siebel Finance PRM
  • Siebel Events Manager for Finance
  • Siebel eBanking
  • Siebel eBrokerage
  • Siebel Finance eSales

A user can self-register in Siebel Finance PRM as a company or as an individual. By self-registering, the user requests to become a partner and becomes a prospective partner.

An internal administrator uses the Administration - Partner screen in Siebel Finance to promote a prospective partner to approved partner and then to registered partner.

For information about using the Administration - Partner screen, see Siebel Partner Relationship Management Administration Guide.

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