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External Administration of Users

Delegated administration is default functionality of Siebel Financial PRM.

NOTE:  Although delegated administration is provided as default functionality of Siebel Financial PRM, it is not common in the finance industry for external administrators to register customer or partner users. More commonly, internal administrators register users by using the Siebel Financial Services application.

Access Considerations

Seed responsibilities that provide user administration views for delegated administrators are described in Seed Data. The seed responsibilities for delegated administrators do not include views specific to Siebel Financial Services applications. For a delegated administrator to access appropriate financial services views and user administration views, the delegated administrator must be assigned responsibilities in one of the following ways:

  • Assign at least two seed responsibilities to the delegated administrator—one for a regular user of the Siebel application, and the appropriate responsibility for delegated administrators of the application.
  • Create a single responsibility that includes all the views you want delegated administrators to have, then assign the responsibility to the delegated administrators.

For information about assigning responsibilities to users, see the sections on internal administration of users and external administration of users in other sections of this guide.

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