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Securing Siebel Document Server

This section describes issues in securing communication between the Siebel Document Server and the Siebel Server.

For more information about Siebel Document Server, see Applications Administration Guide.

  • All document templates come in through the Siebel Server. As such, the Siebel Server controls security and represents the only client or user that interacts directly with the Siebel Document Server. Only the user that authenticates as the Siebel Server service should have access to the file system and have execute permissions on the Siebel Document Server.
  • Microsoft provides some standard utilities in the Resource kit to lock down security on a generic Microsoft Windows machine. It is recommended that tools such as C2.exe be implemented to secure such an environment. These tools are readily available from Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Word does support macro security options. Macro security should be set to high so that untrusted macros cannot be executed by the document server. This should not be an issue as there should not be a need for macros inside of proposals.
  • Make sure that templates used by the Siebel Document Server or by end users are secured, and that there is a virus policy in place for any machine that supplies templates to the Siebel Document Server.

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