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Securing Siebel Reports Server

The Siebel Reports Server consists of the following components:

  • Actuate iServer and Management Console for Siebel (Actuate iServer)
  • Actuate Active Portal JSP and Reports View Adapter for Siebel (Actuate Active Portal)
  • Actuate e.Report Designer Professional (optional)
  • Actuate e.Report Designer (optional)

This section describes how to secure communication between the Siebel Reports Server, the AOM, and the Siebel Web Client in the following subsections:

Note the following considerations when configuring Siebel Reports Server for security:

  • Siebel Reports does not support the use of LDAP or ADSI for user authentication. Users must be synchronized between the Siebel Business Applications and Actuate in order for Siebel Reports to function correctly.
  • Communication among Actuate components is outside the scope of the Siebel Business Applications environment. For more information, consult the Actuate product documentation in the Siebel Business Third-Party Bookshelf.

For information about deploying and installing the Siebel Reports Server in your Siebel environment, see the Deployment Planning Guide and the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using. For information about Siebel Reports, see the Siebel Reports Administration Guide.

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