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Considerations for Secure LDAP Using SSL

The IBM LDAP Client requires that IBM GSKit be installed, if SSL must be supported. The LDAP libraries and utilities provided with the LDAP Client use the SSL libraries, if present. The SSL libraries are provided with IBM GSKit.

  • If IBM GSKit has been installed, the LDAP libraries dynamically loads the SSL libraries and uses them to enable support for SSL, when SSL is configured.
  • If IBM GSKit has not been installed and the SSL libraries are not available, the LDAP library is fully functional, with the exception of SSL support.

By using SSL with server authentication, an LDAP application can use simple LDAP authentication (user ID and password) over a secure, encrypted communication connection. SSL provides for the establishment of a secure connection between the LDAP client application and the LDAP server. In addition, SSL provides data confidentiality (encryption) on connections protected by SSL. Authentication of servers to clients is accomplished with X.509 certificates.

NOTE:  These installation instructions assume that SSL capability is, or will be, required for Siebel LDAP authentication. Therefore, the LDAP client installation process includes GSKit installation as its integral part. If you are absolutely sure that SSL will never be turned on for Siebel LDAP authentication, you do not need to install GSKit.

Use the following sections to install an IBM LDAP Client on different operating system platforms.

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