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LDAP/ADSI Authentication Process

The steps in the LDAP/ADSI security adapter authentication process are:

  1. The user enters credentials to a Siebel application login form.

    These user credentials (a username and password) can vary depending on the way you configure the security adapter. For example, the username could be the Siebel user ID or an identifier such as an account or telephone number. The user credentials are passed to the Siebel Web Server Extension (SWSE) and then to the AOM, which in turn passes them to the authentication manager.

  2. The authentication manager determines how to process the user credentials and calls the security adapter to validate the credentials against the directory.
  3. The security adapter returns the Siebel user ID and a database credential assigned to this user to the authentication manager. (If roles are used, they are also returned to the authentication manager.)
  4. The AOM (or other module that requested authentication services) uses the returned credentials to connect the user to the database and to identify the user.
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